Agasthya 5.3 SMK 2011-fostering local conservation leadership in the landscape
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Preceding the 5th annual ATREE - SMK campaign, after intense debates and brainstorming sessions, the core-team unanimously decided to pass on the mantle of leading the campaign to the local stakeholders, namely the Forest Department (FD), the District Administration, the local conservation oriented NGOs viz. Swasam, academic institutions and the Police Department in a staggered way. Thus, the 2011 campaign was kicked off with a 'Stakeholder's training cum capacity building workshop' organized in Mundanthurai FD campus on 23rd July. Twenty one students and local NGO representatives were given a hands-on training to monitor, manage and control the impact of the annual Adi Amavasya festival on local biodiversity using the various standardized protocols developed by us over the last four years. After the training, all the participants were involved in the actual monitoring and impact control exercises. With the locals enthusiastically participating and spreading the word among their neighbors and peers, a small but significant step has been taken towards passing the mantle of conservation to those who are going to matter in the long run.



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Volume 5,  Issue 3
      November 2011

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SMK 2011-fostering local conservation leadership in the landscape
- Rajkamal Goswami
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