Agasthya 5.2 Announcement and snippets
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ACCC is conducting the annual Sorimuthaian Kovil(SMK) Festival campaign from 26th July 2011 to 31st July 2011. Volunteers interested to participate in this event may contact M.Mathivanan (mail:; Ph: 9488063750)

ACCC is conducting a 15 day workshop for Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) students from 15th July to 29th July.

A one day SMK-stakeholders workshop focusing on the building capacity in order to maintain proper management of waste, crown and forests is being planned to be conducted in the month of July.

A street play on impacts of pesticide abuse on frogs in paddy fields will be carried out by Nature Talkies during the month of July. This activity is part of the CLP-SOS project implemented in KMTR.


Six painted snipes seen near Ambur. This is the first sighting of this species in the foot hills of the reserve.

A tiger had killed a Gaur inside the evergreen forests of Kakachi thus providing more evidence of tiger in the evergreen forests.

A major flowering of Palaquium ellipticum, the bee pollinated species in the evergreen forests, happened in May. After many years it flowered synchronously throughout KMTR.

The 3rd re-census of permanent vegetation plots was done.

Malabar trogon seen nesting inside dead stumps in April-May.

Seshadri , Preeti and Tamil Azhagan saw 4 dholes on 26-5-11 in Kodayar and heard a kill being made. Next morning, saw 15 dholes with 4 pups in the same area with their tummy full

Seshadri saw a leopard cat on 27th of May and 25th of June in fern house. These cats were seen several years back at the same place.

Seshadri, Preeti and Tamil Azhagan spotted the recently rediscovered Raorchestes chalazodes frog in Kodayar. This is the second time it is being spotted since its rediscovery.

Prashanth and Tamil Azhagan saw nestlings of the eagle owl (Bubo bengalensis) in June on a rocky ledge in the company of adults


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Volume 5,  Issue 2
      July 2011

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