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Thanks to the generosity of philanthropist Rohini Nilekani, all donations made to ATREE are currently being matched on the occasion of ATREE@25.

Donations to ATREE for scientific research are eligible for 100% tax deduction under section 35(1)(ii) or section 80 GGA(2)(a) of the income-tax Act. 1961.

"Now more than ever, we require institutions that serve as an important bridge between academics, civil society and policymakers, bringing insights from long term research and data to support relevant decision making and shaping public discourse".

Rohini Nilekani

ATREE enters its 25th year of interdisciplinary research focused on carrying out policy-oriented research, outreach, and education in the field of environmental conservation and sustainable Development.

ATREE, established in 1996, has a mission to generate rigorous interdisciplinary knowledge for achieving environmental conservation and sustainable development in a socially just manner, enable the use of this knowledge by policymakers and society, and train the next generation of scholars and leaders. ATREE has been consistently ranked among the top 20 environmental think tanks globally and the top 2 in Asia by the University of Pennsylvania index report.

Rohini Nilekani, noted philanthropist and author, has pledged INR 25 Crores (USD 3.4 Million) as matching funds for donations made to ATREE.

All gifts to support our work are currently being matched, thanks to the generosity of Rohini Nilekani.

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