Human-animal conflicts in wildlife corridors

Wildlife corridors are critical for the movement and long-term survival of species in a fragmented forest landscape,... Read More

EPW paper on water governance

How does the Central Government regulate and manage water in a country where water management is the State Government's... Read More

A Pheasant Surprise

It was November 2015. My field assistant, Sonam, and I  were  hiking down the hill after finishing our monthly bird... Read More

The Case of a Lazy Snow Toad Crossing a Road

This incident took place during one of my field visits to North Sikkim.

Seeing under the surface: My ATREE experience

I am, by definition, a wanderer – both physically and mentally. I have had 15 jobs in my short 24 years. I have... Read More

Rendezvous with KMTR

K-M-T-R, these four letters were a source of great curiosity for me ever since I embarked upon my PhD voyage.

The journey of the Tamiraparani Waterbird Count (TWC)

The southern districts of Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu are important areas for wintering... Read More

Labours of love

Emily looked up at me and smiled her shy, dazzling smile. I might have turned a deep red but was saved from... Read More

Living with lantana

Lantana camara, the invasive plant species from South America, is now widespread in India.

The Social and Environmental costs of Renewable energy projects

Global concerns about mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions have led to innovations in the... Read More