Prediction in a socio-hydrological world

Water resource management involves large public investments with long-range impacts that traditional prediction... Read More

India’s long and winding path to green climate solutions

"The need to respond to climate change is challenging every large nation to develop new and adequate administrative... Read More

Citizen science and biodiversity research

Citizen science initiatives can play an important role in understanding the ecology of species.

Transition from water scarcity to water pollution in TG Halli, Bengaluru

By Veena Srinivasan

Taking science beyond academia

A bit of chance, a lot of hard-work, and a vision to extend science beyond the purview of academics led Priyanka Jamwal... Read More

Threatened wildlife of the Eastern Ghats

By Vikram Aditya

MUST WATCH: Arkavathy: A Changing Waterscape

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Farmers feel the pinch of declining harrier numbers

Farmers feel the pinch of declining harrier numbers By Ganesh T and Prashanth MB  

Citizen lake dashboards

60% of Bangalore's wastewater is untreated and flows either into the city's lakes or downstream.

Tribal welfare

ATREE's Dr C Madegowda has been nominated as a member of the Karnataka Adivasi Abhivrudhi Mandali by the Ministry of... Read More