All about flying squirrels

The 21st of January each year is observed worldwide as Squirrel Appreciation Day. On this occasion,  Sumashini P.

Lockdown Essays From ATREE

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Collaborative Conservation - When IFS probationers visited ATREE

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Using Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) to understand the changes in Cauvery Delta region

There seems to be no end to the woes experienced by the farmers in the Cauvery delta region in Tamil Nadu.

Women in Sustainability: Moving towards a Science that speaks to all stakeholders

Women can play a significant role in ensuring a sustainable future.

Science for Sustainability: Decentralized Waster Water System for Sustainable Sanitation

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My first stint with the woods

It would be worthwhile to begin by saying that I am not a field person. I have always enjoyed writing codes and... Read More

Are herbal anti-obesity food supplements effective?

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Holy Bats! – Why are Bat Populations in South Indian Temples dwindling?

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INTERNS SPEAK: Hunting and it’s impacts on the Indian Pangolin

Krishna Pavan and Rohit Subhedar are part of the internship program in ATREE that allows students to work on critical... Read More