Transitioning to Sustainable Development Goals for Water

Veena Srinivasan, K J Joy
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Economic & Political Weekly 16 Mar. 2019

Large infrastructure projects threatening ecosystems and livelihoods by diverting water and depriving rural populations of access to water are being promoted in the name of drinking water provisioning. Implementation and monitoring efforts have barely made any progress on Sustainable Development Goals that involve recognising trade-offs and synergies.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted in 2000 to improve the lives of the world’s poor. By 2015, most countries had made significant progress towards these goals, but it became clear that development and sustainability could be in conflict (Sachs 2012). Managing the effects of production and consumption on the environment was proving to be a challenge as people aspired to higher standards of living (Griggs et al 2014).

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Dr. Veena Srinivasan
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