Beyond money metrics: alternative approaches to conceptualising and assessing ecosystem services.

Purushothaman, S., B. K. Thomas, R. Abraham and U. Dhar.
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Conservation and Society 11(4)

The concept and valuation of ecosystem services have emerged as growing and dynamic areas of research over the past few years. The adoption of these ideas and methods into mainstream policy discussions and practice has occurred at a rapid pace. Conventionally, the valuation of ecosystem services has been synonymous with estimating the economic (monetary) value of these services. However, monetisation has limitations that need to be acknowledged before it is adopted in policies. In addition, the socio-political and institutional dimensions of ecosystem services are largely overlooked in the debate. Against this backdrop, the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) has put together this special section to critically review the current thinking and practices surrounding ecosystem services and to present emerging alternative approaches

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Dr. Bejoy K Thomas
Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanising Watersheds (ACCUWa)