Position: Senior Research Associate/Research Scientist Discipline - Hydro-epidemiology

Posted Date: 
02.09.2021, Thursday
Jobs Status: 

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), ranked one of the top environmental think-tanks globally, seeks a Senior Research Associate/Research Scientist Discipline –Hydro-epidemiology. The incumbent will be based in Bengaluru.

Position Summary
There is an urgent need to develop an early warning system to minimize the impact of devastating disease by predicting when and where it will occur, and initiating effective intervention strategies. This calls for identification and understating the macro-scale hydrological and climatological processes to allow the development of an advanced early warning system for disease occurrence and outbreaks. We are looking for Senior Research Associate/Research Scientist who is able to link hydro-climatic processes and water-related public health domains. The researcher should help advance water sciences to better understand and predict public health risks. Possible topics of research might include hydrologic understanding of disease spread (e.g., Schistosomiasis, Leptospirosis, Cholera), as well as explore linkages between animal production systems and the transfer of contaminants (e.g. Antibiotic and pesticide residue), and pathogens to water sources.

Specific skill sets might range from dynamic modelling to data analyses of disease spread to through remote sensing.

The researcher must be motivated by a desire to understand and solve public health crises and be willing to work across disciplinary boundaries, including with clinical researchers, environmental scientists and doctors, within a One Health framework.

Essential qualifications

  • Masters or equivalent degree
  • Strong understanding of GIS
  • Understanding of the key social and/ or environmental issues
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Prior experience of working on modelling and data analysis

Appointments and emoluments

Salary will be based on experience and ability. Salaries at ATREE are competitive and at par with other equivalent organizations in the NGO sector. The position will be based in Bangalore.

In addition to a value based, informal and collegial work culture, ATREE provides competitive compensation geared to attract the best talent.  ATREE’s recruitment and employment policies are inclusive. We respect both the spirit and letter of the laws of equal employment opportunity.

Interested candidates should send their CV along with a covering letter and two references to hr@atree.org. The subject line of application should say “Senior Research Associate/Research Scientist Discipline –Hydro-epidemiology”.