Talk @ ATREE – Agrifood transformations: Can we bridge India and Mexico?

Talk @ ATREE – Agrifood transformations: Can we bridge India and Mexico?

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Join the Talk@ATREE In the last four decades, the agrifood systems and territories in Mexico have been drastically controlled by transnational agrifood industries, provoking food injustices, vulnerabilities and inequalities. The Green Revolution, the credits flowing to cattle raising and deforestation, the structural adjustment programs imposed by IMF and WB, socioenvironmental vulnerabilities, migration and ageing of the farmers have transformed the rich and biodiverse agricultural systems, including milpas (indigenous agrifood systems based on traditional landraces of maize, beans, squashes, tubercules, and semi-domesticated and wild edible plants) into monocultures and fragile agrifood systems with a severe environmental degradation. The agrifood systems have become totally dependent on the transnational corporations and have accelerated socioenvironmental crisis. Nevertheless, food social movements and farmers movements are changing this inertia and are constructing new and more sustainable agrifood pathways. In this talk, Prof. Elena Lazos Chavero intends to give a broad historical and political panorama of these transformations and the social, economic, environmental, and cultural consequences in Mexico. Prof. Chavero aims to construct a dialogue with what is happening in India around agrifood systems and socioenvironmental and territorial justice.


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