Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System at Berambadi


ATREE in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science, James Hutton Institute and University of Glasgow developed a decentralised waste water treatment system at Berambadi Government School, Gundlupet recently. This Scottish funded project was inaugurated by Deputy First Minister of Scotland, John Swinney on November 28th, 2018.

The system contained a range of innovative technologies including grey water recycling, constructed wetland, solar energy, and incinerator. However the highlight of the system was the integration of component parts and engagement with the local community and students at every stage of the project. It also involved a youth internship programme where the local community was empowered to undertake the maintenance of the system to ensure long term sustainability of the system.

Faculty involved

Dr. Durba Biswas's picture

Dr. Durba Biswas

  • Adjunct Fellow
  • Water, Land & Society
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Dr. Priyanka Jamwal

  • Fellow - 2 (Assistant Professor), Centre for Environment and Development
  • Water, Land & Society