Academy Team

Dr. Sarala Khaling's picture

Dr. Sarala Khaling

  • Regional Director, Management, Gangtok
Dr. Sharachchandra Lele's picture

Dr. Sharachchandra Lele

  • Distinguished Fellow in Environmental Policy & Governance
  • Water, Land & Society
Dr. Shrinivas Badiger's picture

Dr. Shrinivas Badiger

  • Fellow, Centre for Environment and Development
  • Water, Land & Society
Dr. Siddappa Setty R's picture

Dr. Siddappa Setty R

  • Fellow, Centre Convener, Centre for Environment and Development
  • Forests & Governance
Dr. Siddhartha Krishnan's picture

Dr. Siddhartha Krishnan

  • Convenor, Academy
  • Ecosystem Services & Human Wellbeing
Dr. Soubadra Devy's picture

Dr. Soubadra Devy

  • Fellow, Convenor - Suri Sehgal Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Ecosystem Services & Human Wellbeing