Wet Chemistry Laboratory

In wet chemistry unit, we measure physical, chemical and biological contaminants present in water.

Parameters Analyzed in the wet chemistry unit:

  • Physical Parameters: pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Oxygen reduction potential, Total Suspended Solids
  • Chemical Parameters: Alkalinity, Ammonium- nitrogen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Hardness, Nitrates, Total Nitrogen, Ortho-Phosphate, Total Phosphorus, Total and Free Chlorine.
  • Biological Parameters: Chlorophyll-a










Instruments in the Wet Chemistry Lab:

  • Visible light- spectrophotometer (BST 2306, Bionics)
  • BOD incubator (PSM/BOD-01, Thermoelectric)
  • Centrifuge (R-23, Remi)
  • Chlorine meter (PICCO, Chlorine portable test kit)
  • COD digester Open reflex
  • COD digester Closed reflex
  • DO Probe Meter (YSI ProODO)
  • Flow Meter (FH 950, HACH)
  • Nitrate kit (HACH portable test kit)
  • pH and EC Meter (YSI PRO1030)
  • Turbidity Meter (132, Systolic)
  • Spectroquant (Prove 600, Merck)
  • Digester Spectroquant (TR 320, Merck)