Vacation Training programme 2010

Twenty one secondary school students attended the Bio-resource course held from 26 April to 15 May at ATREE, Bangalore. The objective of the course was to introduce young minds to research areas and issues pertaining to the use and conservation of natural bio-resources.

Classroom sessions consisted of lectures by eminent scientists and experts from various fields on biodiversity, urban wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation, waste management, sustainable agriculture, conservation issues, water quality monitoring, sustainable living and forest products that contribute to livelihood of tribal folk. Lectures were followed by assignments and group projects.

Field trips exposed students to the applications of concepts and served as a platform for introducing them to the skills required for doing field work on Bio-resources. This included visits to the Biligiri Rangaswamy Wildlife Sanctuary, Ramanagara Vulture Nesting area, Ranganthittu bird sanctuary, Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park, and Navadarshanam - an eco ashram.

Screening of documentaries on wildlife, conservation and livelihood gave students global perspectives on important issues relating to environment. Visits to ‘Natural Remedies’ and ‘Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants’ provided opportunity to learn and get acquainted with institutional research.

Tree climbing was a novel activity that allowed students to appreciate the canopies of forests. Map reading and navigation to orient themselves in a new landscape, sharpening observation skills by sketching birds for identification, identifying plants and insects, testing the quality of water and taking GPS points, were the other new activities introduced in this years course. Feedback from students and parents indicated that the course was very informative and well appreciated.

Students were awarded certificates and prizes during the valedictory function. The National Bioresource Development Board, Department of Biotechnology sponsored the course.

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