Dr. Harini Nagendra

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Dr. Harini Nagendra

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Niphadkar, M., H., Nagendra,C., Tarantino, M., Adamo, P., Blonda 2017 Comparing pixel and object based approaches to map an understorey invasive shrub in tropical mixed forests. Frontiers in Plant Science. May 2017 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.00892


Heterogeneity and collective action for forest management. Human Development Research Paper 2011/02, United Nations Development Programme Human Development Reports. November 2011., 2011,
Urban green belts in the twenty-first century. Landscape Research 36, 2011,
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Hita Unnikrishnan

  • Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Sheffield
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Shivani Agarwal

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