Frequently asked questions - T N Khoshoo Ecology and Environment for Schools:

  1. How many teams per school?
    There can only be one team per school.
  2. How many students can participate in one team?
    This decision is made by the school authority. There is no such regulation in number of students per team. However between five to ten students per team is preferable.
  3. What kind of projects can be done by the children?
    • Select a local environmental issue such as lack of greenery, clean air, water scarcity, solid waste management, pollution, protection of local biodiversity etc.
    • Once it is identified, plan and create a method to resolve that issue and also try to predict the outcomes of your project.
    • Document the entire process during every step of its implementation.
    • Plan a way to present your idea – Photographs, Film Clips, Blogs, Exhibits, Posters, Poetry, Song and Play etc.
  4. What is the age group of the children that are eligible to participate in this competition?
    Children who belong to class 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th are eligible to participate in this competition.
  5. How can these projects be submitted?
    The projects can be submitted in the form of hard copy i.e. printed or hand written synopsis or soft copy i.e. a detailed report or Power Point Presentation in a CD or DVD.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or contact:

Skanda S
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