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Two students graduate

Vivek Ramachandran and Ravi Ramalingam receive their doctorates ...more

ATREE’s public and internal talk series

Write to ATREE to receive information on weekly public talks ...more

Doctoral studies at ATREE

PhD programme in Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies ...more

Frog spotting

It is amazing how little we know about amphibians ...more

Beautiful creatures to watch and study

Snakes always instill a sense of fear in humans. This fear drives us to kill snakes spotted in the backyard or in the neighbourhood ...more

Environmental learning in local languages

The bilingual Kalakad-Mundathurai Tiger Reserve field guide, Treasures on Tiger Tracks was an ambitious production in Tamil and English...more

Building a new generation of environmental leaders

How do you introduce young minds to questions a researcher might frame regarding the use and conservation of natural bio-resources? ...more

DNA Club monitors bar-headed geese

Bar Headed Geese
Kaggalipura Lake in the Tirumakudalu Narasipura taluk is one of the few places in Karnataka where bar-headed geese visit. This lake is two kms from Government High School...more

Doctoral research sans boundaries

October and November 2009 were rich harvests in global perspectives for ATREE’s Ph D programme. Professor Darley Kjosavik of NORAGRIC, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, lectured on Theories of Development, Gender and Development, Interdisciplinary Research and Research Ethics...

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