Symposium on Ecology and Culture

As part of its 20th-year celebrations, ATREE hosted a symposium on Ecology and Culture to felicitate Prof. K.N. Ganeshaiah – a renowned biologist, stalwart of Kannada literature, and one of ATREE’s Founding Trustees.

The symposium examined the relationship between culture and biodiversity conservation.

Prof Kathleen Morrison, Neukom Family Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences and Chair of the Anthropology Department, University of Chicago spoke about “Island mountains in seas of green: Histories of humans and the landscape in Northern Karnataka”.

Mr. Theodore Baskaran, author and naturalist, spoke on "The conservation scene: Conflict between the ecological and the ethical".

Prof. Eivin Roskaft, Professor in Evolutionary Biology at the Department of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) talked about “Culture and ecosystem services in the Serengeti ecosystem in Northern Tanzania”.

Prof. Ganeshaiah’s addressed the audience on “Arts and science: The two walks that converge”.