Singalila National Park

Singalila National Park is a transboundary protected area with Nepal. The park is known for its rich floral and faunal diversity, which includes many species of rhododendrons, birds and smaller mammals like the endangered clouded leopard and the red panda. It was designated a National Park in 1992, and covers an area of 80 sq. km. Within the park boundaries lies the highest point in West Bengal, Sandakphu, at an altitude of 3636 m (approx. 12,000 ft). The park extends into the surrounding forest, which have been designated as Reserved Forest. Situated beyond Reserve Forests are the Corporation Forests, which are home to several forest villages. ATREE’s work in this region has been initiated in two such villages, Ritu forest village and Dilpa. Both the villages are located at a distance of about 3 km from the national park boundary, and this close proximity to the protected area has an impact on the villages and vice-versa. They therefore play an important role in the success of the conservation measures that are being applied in the park. Introduction of alternate livelihood sources, enhancing livelihood security as well as educating the local people on the importance of biodiversity and its conservation have been some of the primary objectives of ATREE’s work under this project.