Roan Paulo Lakerveld
Dutch nationality

Researcher in environmental sciences/political ecology

Education and training
01/01/2010 – 29/06/2012
Master of Science: Environmental Sciences
Wageningen University (University of Life Sciences)
Droevendaalsesteeg 2, NL-6708 PB Wageningen (Netherlands)

Specialization: Environmental Systems Analysis
Occupational skills covered: Ecosystems Services Valuation, River 21 - Integrated Water Management (Consultancy for the
Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
Minor: Socially Sustainable Development: Sustainable Development, Natural Resources and Conflict, Anthropology of Development, Methods, Techniques and Data Analysis of Qualitative Field Research, Political Ecology
MSc. Thesis: “Applying political ecology to ecosystem services: Operationalizing an alternative approach to ecosystem services research using an empirical case study in Odisha, India

01/09/2006 - 31/08/2009
Bachelor of Science: Environmental Sciences
Specialization: Environmental Systems Analysis
General: Soil Science, Aquatic Chemistry, Air Quality, Ecology, Statistics, Mathematics, Environmental Policy
Occupational skills covered: Environmental Economics, Environmental Toxicology, Ecosystems Valuation, Sustainability Transitions
Bachelor Thesis (in English): "Cradle-to-cradle and permaculture for sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia - Assessment of the performance of alternatives for small-scale farming systems in Eastern Hararghe and potential constraints for their implementation"

Social skills and competencies
During my education at Wageningen University, I have become experienced in working in multi-disciplinary and international groups. For example, I participated in a consultancy for the Ministry of Agriculture in Uzbekistan, in a group of 24 Wageningen students, and four Uzbek students.
Through my work at a local environmental NGO (Wageningen Environmental Platform) for three years, I have gained experience in group coordination and awareness-raising on various topics (among students and staff members of Wageningen University).

Lakerveld, R.P., T. Crane, K. Fortuin, S. Lélé, O. Springate-Baginski (upcoming) “Applying Political Ecology to Ecosystem Services Research: An empirical case study of community forest management in Odisha, India”. To be published in Ecological Economics.

Gommans, J., R. Lakerveld, J. Langeveld, A. Schrauwen (2008). “Ragweed invading. The influence of climate change on Ambrosia artemisiifolia in the Netherlands. A research report about the chance of establishment and reproduction and possible societal impact of the Ambrosia artemisiifolia under changing climate conditions in the Netherlands”. Wageningen University, Wageningen