Annual fish survey

In May 2008 and 2009, ATREE initiated a Vembanad fish count in order to sensitize the community to lake resources. The event isco-organized with a local partner, among which arethe Kerala State Biodiversity Board, Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) of the Kerala Agricultural University, Vembanad Nature Club and various Lake Protection Forums of the fisher-folk.

Fish sanctuaries

CERC started fish sanctuaries, encouraging the community to be involved in their construction and initiation.Since these sanctuaries are made with locally available material, and as per traditional knowledge, this also contributes to preserve cultural practices.These sanctuaries have now been adopted wholly by thevillage panchayats. ATREE only facilitates formation of new sanctuaries.

Ayliam-makom days
ATREE helped revive an old fisher ritual of worshipping fish and shellfish on Ayliam-makom days. On these two days, fishermen and women offer prayers for the productivity and health of fish stock. The ecological significance of this ritual is that it coincides with the spawning period.

Water quality awareness

ATREE began a programme to educate and create awareness in water quality and health. The programme, called Jaladarpanam, consists of basin-stations where the community can participate in water quality testing and observation.