Ecology and management of large carnivores: differences and similarities between Norway and India

@ATREE auditorium at 3.45 pm on 16th March 2016

Abstract: In this talk I will compare the ecology of some large carnivore species in Norway and India, emphasising common leopards and Eurasian lynx. I will show that there are striking ecological similarities between the species despite pronounced environmental differences. Furthermore, I will compare patterns of human-carnivore conflicts, and I will discuss how these are addressed by wildlife managers in the respective countries

Bio: I did my PhD work in Nepal focusing on interactions between tigers and leopards, and their predator-prey relationships. Later, I became involved in a project on human-wildlife interactions in India, which was a cooperation between CES and NINA (Norwegian Institute of Nature Research). Here, I worked with Dr Vidya Athreya on leopard ecology and conflicts in Maharashtra. In Norway, I am based at Hedmark University College, which has recently signed an MoU with ATREE to promote research cooperation and exchange of students and staff between our institutions.