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  • Srinivasan V., S. Lele, 2017, From Groundwater Regulation to Integrated Water Management, Economic & Political Weekly vol lII no 31.
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  • Srinivasan, V., S. Thompson, K. Madhyastha, G. Penny, K. Jeremiah, & S. Lele, (2015). Why is the Arkavathy River drying? A multiple hypothesis approach in a data scarce region. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 19(4): 1905–1917.
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  • Jamwal P., T. Md. Zuhial, P. Raje Urs., V. Srinivasan, S. Lele, (2015). Contribution of Sewage treatment to pollution abatement of urban streams. Current science 108(4): 677-685.
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  • Srinivasan, V. and S. Kulkarni. 2014. Examining the emerging role of groundwater in water inequity in India. Water International 39 (2): 172–86. doi:10.1080/02508060.2014.890998.
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  • Sivapalan, M, M Konar, Srinivasan V., A Chhatre, A Wutich, CA Scott, JL Wescoat, and I Rodríguez-Iturbe. 2014. Socio-hydrology: use-inspired water sustainability science for the Anthropocene.Earth’s Future.
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  • Krishnaswamy. J., M. Bonell, B. Venkatesh, B. K. Purandara, K. N. Rakesh, S. Lele, M. C. Kiran, V. Reddy and S. Badiger. 2013. The groundwater recharge response and hydrologic services of tropical humid forest ecosystems to use and reforestation: support for the "infiltration-evapotranspiration trade-off hypothesis. Journal of Hydrology 498 (August 19): 191-209. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2013.06.034
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  • Thompson, S.E., Sivapalan, M., Harman, C.J.,Srinivasan, V., Hipsey, M.R., Reed, P., Montanari, A., Blöschl, G. 2013. Developing predictive insight into changing water systems: use-inspired hydrologic science for the Anthropocene. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.Discussions 10, 7897–7961.
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  • Purushothaman, S., B. K. Thomas, R. Abraham and U. Dhar. 2013. Beyond money metrics: alternative approaches to conceptualising and assessing ecosystem services. Introduction to the INSEE special section. Conservation and Society 11(4)
  • Srinivasan, V., B. K. Thomas, P. Jamwal and S. Lele. 2013. Climate vulnerability and adaptation of water provisioning in developing countries: approaches to disciplinary and research-practice integration. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cosust.2013.07.011.
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  • Purushothaman S., Patil S., Patil I., Francis I. and I. Nesheim. 2013. Policy and governance for sustaining livelihoods and natural resources in small farms - A case study in Karnataka. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 68(2): 240-258.
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  • Purushothaman, S. and Abraham R. (2011). Scaling up and sustainability: The experience from rural India.Sustainability in Debate 2(2): 21-42
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  • Purushothaman, S., and R. Abraham. 2011. Sustainability: the experience of rural India. Sustentabilidade em Debate - Brasília, 2(2): 21-42
  • Reidsma, P., H. König, S. Feng, I. Bezlepkina, I. Nesheim, M. Bonin, M. Sghaier, S. Purushothaman, S. Sieber, M. K. van Ittersum and F. Brouwer. 2011. Methods and tools for integrated assessment of land use policies on sustainable development in developing countries. Land Use Policy 28(3): 604-617
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  • Purushothaman, S., and S. Kashyap. 2010. Trends in land use and crop acreages in Karnataka and their repercussions. Karnataka J. Agricultural Science 23(2): 330-333
  • Thomas, B. K., R. Muradian, G. de Groot and A. de Ruijter. 2010. Confronting or complementing? A case study on NGO-state relations from Kerala, India. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 21(3): 358-370
  • Thomas, B. K. 2010. Participation in the knowledge society: The free and open source software (FOSS) movement compared with participatory development. Development in Practice 20(2): 270-6
  • Badiger, S., and T. V. Reshmidevi. 2010. Ecosystems and livelihoods at crossroads: Modelling land-use change impacts on water regimes and downstream users. In: ASCE - EWRI's 3rd Developing Nations Conference: India 2010. An international perspective on current and future state of water resources and the environment. Chennai. 5-7 January 2010
  • Thomas, B. K., R. Muradian, G. de Groot and A. de Ruijter. 2010. Resilient and Resourceful? A Case Study on How the Poor Cope in Kerala, India. Journal of Asian and African Studies 45(1): 29-45.
  • Bolin, B., M. Seetharam and B. Pompeii. Water resources, climate change, and urban vulnerability: A case study of Phoenix, Arizona. Local Environment 15(3): 261-279


  • Purushothaman, S., S. Hegde, S. Patil and S. Kashyap. 2009. People’s Perception on benefits from a protected catchment: A case study of Gundal command in Karnataka. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 64(4): 573-584
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  • Thomas, B. K., R. Muradian, G. de Groot and A. de Ruijter. Multidimensional poverty and identification of poor households: A case from Kerala, India. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 10(2): 237-57

Book Chapters

  • Badiger, S. and Lele, S. 2017. Contested waterscapes: Land use change, decentralised interventions and complex impacts. In Hiremath, A. J., Rai, N. and Siddhartha, A. (Eds), Celebrating 20 years of ATREE. pp. 148-155. Bangalore: ATREE.[pdf]
  • Jamwal, P. and Lele, S. 2017. Addressing Pollution in Urban Rivers: What we learnt from the Vrishabhavathy River in Bengaluru. In Hiremath, A. J., Rai, N. and Siddhartha, A. (Eds), Transcending boundaries: Reflecting on twenty years of action and research at ATREE. pp. 104-113. Bangalore: ATREE.[pdf]
  • Srinivasan, V., Lele, S., Thomas, B.K. and Jamwal, P. 2017.Whose River? The changing waterscape of the upper Arkavathy under urbanisation. In Hiremath, A. J., Rai, N. and Siddhartha, A. (Eds), Transcending boundaries: Reflecting on twenty years of action and research at ATREE. pp. 122-131. Bangalore: ATREE.[pdf]

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