Karthik Madhyastha, Research Associate

Education and Experience

Karthik holds a research masters degree in atmospheric science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (2012) and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (2007).

His masters thesis examined rainfall patterns across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales to quantitatively characterise the variability in the field. Dominant spatial and temporal patterns obtained from Empirical Orthogonal Function analysis were explored to observe the scaling in tropical rainfall. The study showed that there are no distinct, preferred spatial or temporal scales and that energy is distributed over all spatial scales.

Post masters, before getting into interdisciplinary research at ATREE, he spent eight months in Dr.Jai Sukhatme's lab in the Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, IISc working on quantitative characterization of humidity profiles over the tropics.

Research Interest

Karthik's research interests include understanding the role of institutions in natural resource governance and management with particular focus on urban water, climate change and environmental policy making process.

Current Studies

Karthik is presently working on Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanizing Watersheds(ACCUWA) project funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC). He is currently working on the study of institutional set up and local governance in Arkavathy basin in urban and peri-urban Bangalore.

Project Working On

Adapting to Climate Change in Urbanizing Watersheds(ACCUWA) funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC).