A review on the conservation genetic studies of Indian amphibians and their implications on developing strategies for conservation.

Priti H, Ravikanth G and Aravind N. A.
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Journal of Genetics 98: 114

Amphibians show a very high level of diversity and endemism and are facing global declines from the past few decades. Studies have shown that the molecular tools can be helpful in their conservation efforts. In India, more than 80% of amphibians are endemic and most show a narrow range of distribution. Most of the Indian amphibians lack information on their genetic diversity. In this study, we review the overall trend on amphibian studies in India with the specific focus on conservation genetics. Overall, of the 173 studies, only 14 dealt with the conservation of amphibians through genetic tools and five studies estimated the genetic diversity or gene structure. Here, we discuss the gaps and provide future directions on how genetic studies can be helpful in Indian amphibian conservation.

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Dr. G Ravikanth
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