Recovery of critically endangered plant species in India: need for a comprehensive approach,

Ravikanth G., M. R. Jagadish, R. Vasudeva, R. Uma Shaanker and N. A. Aravind 2018. Recovery of critically endangered plant species in India: need for a comprehensive approach. Current Science 114 (3): 504-511
Ravikanth G., M.R. Jagdish, R. Vasudeva, R. Uma Shaanker and N.A. Aravind,
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There has been a growing concern about the increasing number of species that are globally threatened. Developmental projects, and increased dependence on forests both for sustenance and livelihood have rendered many species threatened. In the Indian context, more than 150 species are critically endangered and require immediate intervention to sustain their populations. A number of plant species are destructively extracted solely from the forests. Apart from anthropogenic threats, severalspecies are threatened due to invasive species and climate change. In the light of increasing and continued threats, species recovery is the only viable option for restoring many of themfrom extinction. Here, we review the existing recovery programmes in the country and suggest a comprehe nsive approach in the conservation and recovery of many of the critically endangered species. We highlight issues that need to be addressed and discuss strategies for recovering the critically endangered species in the country.

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Dr. Aravind Madhyastha
Dr. G Ravikanth
Dr R Uma Shaanker
Species Recovery Plan for Semecarpus kathalekanensis. Funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT) New Delhi.