Interdisciplinary research: way forward for biodiversity conservation.

Paramesha G.
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Current Science 105(9): 1202-1203.
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Increase in human population has beenresponsible for depletion of natural resources and loss of wildlife habitat, bothdirectly and indirectly. It is acknowledged that interactions between humansand nature are responsible for creatingcritical and complex conservation challenges in both ecological and socialworlds and these are not resolvablethrough the knowledge acquired from asingle discipline. It is time that a moreholistic approach is adopted to addressand understand the socio-economic di-mensions of biodiversity conservation.Today, the issues and challenges relatingto wildlife and biodiversity conservationare embedded in understanding the hu-man dimension with its social, cultural,political, economic and legal complexi-ties. An interdisciplinary approach tochallenges like that of human-wildlife conflict, will help scientists to arrive atbetter solutions thatmight ensure con-servation of nature in the longer run.

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Paramesh Gowda
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