Co-production of knowledge as part of a OneHealth approach to better control zoonotic diseases

Tanya seshadri, Meera Oommen, Mujeeb Rahman and Abi T. Vanak
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PLOS Glob Public Health 2(3): e0000075.

In an effort to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission there has been a growing need for an integrated, cross-sectoral approach that collates information and methods across fields — social and scientific. To this end, the OneHealth approach seeks to align human, animal and environmental health considerations in a holistic manner to better mitigate the outcomes of zoonotic diseases. This paper focuses on the co-production of knowledge as a part of integrated and cooperative information development. Researchers, Tanya seshadri, Meera Oommen, Mujeeb Rahman and Abi T. Vanak of ATREE, report results from the Kyasanur Forest Disease study system, undertaken in South India. Through identifying actors, carefully selecting workshop participants, and highlighting the various stakeholders, they discuss learnings, benefits and challenges along each step of the co-production process.

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Abhijeet Kulkarni
Dr. Abi Tamim Vanak
Meera Anna Oommen
Mujeeb Rehman
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