Internship : FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these internships paid?

    No the internships are not paid. ATREE is not able to provide any Sponsorship/Scholarship to interested interns

  2. Can I join at any time of the year?

    ATREE has a policy of taking in 2 intern at any time of the year.

  3. How long will it take for ATREE to respond to the queries?

    The whole process of consulting with the supervisors, processing your application would take a maximum of 2 weeks

  4. Is there a centralized internship supervisor who interacts with students until they arrive?

    There is an internship coordination team to help with all aspects from the start of your programme till you complete the internship period

  5. Will I get a university credit for my work here?
  6. Will there be an orientation program?

    Yes, it will comprise a campus tour, introduction to co- workers and the job, identifying how assignments and delegation od responsibilities will be handled and to whom the intern will report and a meeting with the director.

  7. Should a report of the project undertaken during my internship period be submitted to you?

    Yes a copy of the project should be submitted ot the library and also the intern should develop a handbook to be passed on to subsequent interns. The handbook could include information on how to handle routine responsibilities, a list of facility staff, standard dept protocol and procedures.