Internship : Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are these internships paid?
No, ATREE does not offer paid internships. In some instances however, applicants contributing to an existing project may be paid a modest scholarship. We encourage applicants to inquire with their potential project supervisor regarding these details.

2) Can I join at any time of the year?
Yes. Internships at ATREE are open throughout the year.

3) How long will it take for ATREE to respond to the queries?
The process of consulting with the potential supervisors and processing of internship applications typically takes two weeks.

4) Is there a centralized internship supervisor who interacts with students until they arrive?
Yes. Madhavi Latha currently serves as the internship coordinator and is able to assist with all aspects of your internship until its completion.

5) Will I get a university credit for my work here?
Yes. Please contact Madhavi Latha for details.

6) Will there be an orientation program?
Yes, the orientation program comprises a campus tour, introduction to co-workers and the job including identifying the tasks and responsibilities of the intern.

7) Should a report of the project undertaken during my internship period be submitted to you?
Yes, interns are expected to submit a final project report to their project supervisor. The project supervisor will determine the structure and formatting of this report. Students are also expected to submit all other outputs of their internship (e.g. data, project photographs) with appropriate metadata.

8) Will ATREE be providing Computers for interns?
Although your project supervisor may be able to provide you with a computer for your internship, we suggest that interns bring their own laptops. The provision of space and if possible, a computer, is the sole responsibility of the project Supervisor.

9) Does ATREE provide accommodation for Interns?
Short-term accommodation is available on a limited basis, but these are highly subject to availability.