Internship : Costs

Travel and In-country Budget:

ATREE is not able to provide any Sponsorship/Scholarship to interested interns.

  • International Travel: Flights from the U.S. are approximately $1500. Visas are required and their cost depends on the length of stay.
  • Housing: ATREE does not provide housing or homestays, but will assist in locating suitable housing upon arrival of the intern.

    There are several options for longer-term stay in Bangalore, not far from ATREE office, all of which are dependant on budgets.

For foreign or out of station students ATREE could help them book into a single room or else a dormitory space in various guesthouses about 4 to 5 kms from office. After 2 or 3 nights, the student can then look at paying guest options even closer to the office, in the range of their budget and to their own liking.

* ATREE may facilitate an airport pick up for foreign interns, in case it is requested for.

  • Food: ATREE will not provide food allowances. Lunch can be purchased on a daily basis at the office . Other meals are easily taken near the office or place of residence. It is possible to arrange meals as part of the housing arrangement. Cooking is also a possibility if the intern's housing has a kitchen, stove, etc., though this is most often not the case. The cost of food and meals in India is relatively very inexpensive. Depending on the preferences and appetite of the intern, the overall cost of food (prepared and purchased meals) is approximately US $100-$200 per month. It is also recommended that the intern purchase bottled drinking water, which is widely available at US $ 0.40 for 2 litres.
  • Local Travel Expenses: ATREE will not provide local transportation. It is possible to live within walking distance of the Bangalore Office. Otherwise, local transport will cost approximately US$20-$60 per month. ATREE will not pay for local transport for work related activities, though often the intern can be transported free of charge with other staff in ATREE vehicles.

The average monthly cost of living (housing, food, local travel) for interns is approximately US $350. This does not include personal travel or recreation.