Democratizing Forest Governance in India

An edited book that highlights the shift in discourse on forests: from a purely biophysical focus to questions of rights and governance...more

Why is the Arkavathy drying?

While the decreasing inflows to the TG Halli reservoir is attributed to decreasing rainfall or blockages in the river channels, a new study suggests reasons may lie elsewhere...more

Grassland/ wasteland: the politics of nomenclature

Miscellaneous use of grasslands compromises the habitat that supports critically endangered species...more

ATREE awarded SCB Asia Section's Distinguished Service Award

ATREE awarded Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Asia Section's Distinguished Service Award ...more

FEJI ATREE media fellowships

FEJI ATREE media fellowships...more

ATREE's Milestones

Here are some of our significant accomplishments of the last two years...more