Frog spotting

As amazing as amphibians are, it is even more amazing how little we know about them. T. Ganesh, N. A. Aravind and Abhisheka K., the folks who put together the DNA Club snake-identification poster have come up with an amphibian spotter this time. T Ganesh works in the Agasthyamalai region and is part of the team that produced the nature enthusiast’s Treasures on Tiger Tracks that is useful guide of the biodiversity of the mid and southern region of the Western Ghats. Abhisheka has conducted several programmes on nature appreciation and awareness, using art as medium. She has also been the coordinator of the DNA Club activities in Karnataka, roping in experts like Aravind NA, who is the man in ATREE who tracks terrestrial mollusks across the country.

The amphibian poster is on the frogs and toads of Karnataka. The poster is a mix of illustration and photographs, placing the selected amphibians in their habitat of choice, so that the owner of the poster knows where they might most likely be found—in fast flowing mountain streams, pools or agricultural ponds. The producers of the poster hope that this bilingual effort that will help rural and urban school children appreciate the diversity of amphibians they might encounter. The Kannada effort especially results from the observation that there is no resource material on amphibians in Kannada and it is important that rural schools, most of which are in the Kannada medium, have access to such educational material.

The DNA Club project, a GoI programme, started by the Department of Biotechnology has funded the designing and printing of this poster. Abhisheka Krishnagopal did the background illustrations. Dr Aravind Madhyastha, Dr Gururaja of IISc, Saleem Hameed and Seshadri KS contributed the photographs. The Kannada names are courtesy Dr Gururaja and Aravind NA. Dr Gururaja, Dr NA Aravind and Seshadri KS, who has been studying canopy frogs for some years now, have also conducted programmes on amphibians in five DNA club schools across Karnataka

This poster is for free distribution to schools/colleges but we request institutions that can afford it, to make a donation of Rs.100 for each poster. To get your copy of the poster, write to Or contact You can also download the sample poster here.

The team hopes this poster will fire enthusiasm for these amazing creatures that signal the arrival of India’s favourite season every year. Amphibians are gorgeous creatures, if only you would look.