Two ATREE researchers receive the 2012 Encyclopedia of Life Rubenstein Fellowships

ATREE is pleased to announce that two scientists -- Seena Karimbumkara, and Chitra Ravi, have been selected as 2012 Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) Rubenstein Fellows.

Seena intends to use this fellowship to advance her work on making information on the sub continent’s dung beetles sharable with fellow scientists, students and interested groups through the online India Biodiversity Portal, a map-based wiki focused portal maintained by ATREE, which is also an incipient partner of the EOL; and through that, with the Encyclopedia of Life. Chitra’s work centres on realizing the potential of the India Biodiversity Portal as a comprehensive open access source of biodiversity information of Indian species. She works towards developing content for species found in the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas; and identifying, building and coordinating a community of expert and non-expert contributors of species information on the IBP.

Read more about Seena’s work.

EOL is an international collaboration of scientific organizations and the general public with the shared goal of providing global access to knowledge about life on Earth. Please visit for more information.

The EOL Rubenstein Fellows program supports the research of a diverse group of scientists who are committed to online collaboration and outreach. Fellows receive partial funding for up to one year to translate biodiversity research, databases, and media into rich, online resources through the Encyclopedia of Life. This year’s recipients specialize in a variety of taxonomic areas, ranging from the evolutionary ecology of invasive plants to ambrosia beetles to Indo-Pacific sponges.