Doctoral studies at ATREE

Six doctorates have been awarded sincethe beginning of ATREE’s PhD programmein Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies in 2006. Bharat Sundaram was the first to be awarded the degree in 2011 for his work on the patterns and processes of Lantana camara persistence in south Indian tropical dry forests. The thesis can be read here. Ravi Ramalingam and Vivek Ramachandran defendedin 2014. Ravi’s work was on the responses ofthe insect community to habitat restoration efforts in the tropical forests of the Western Ghats. Vivek Ramachandran looked at habitat structure and its effects on canopy bird and small mammal communities in a habitat matrix.Between 2011 and 2014, SavithaSwamy, Chethana HC and Kavitha B obtained their doctoral degrees.

The 2014 ATREE calendar will showcase the diversity, breadth and relevance of research taken up by twelvestudents. The students’ work traverses the natural and social sciences; and in geography, the northeast Himalayan regions, the Western Ghats and parts of central India. Students are encouraged to adopt an interdisciplinary approach. More detail on student research is available on

As of 2014, ATREE has enrolled 48 students in six batches. From 2009 onward, ATREE staggered its call for applications over alternate years, with the last call being in 2013. At present ATREE provides a five-year student fellowship for its PhD students. The course work is conducted over one and a half yearsand covers the fundamentals of natural and social sciences, and two advanced core courses: one on interdisciplinary research practice in conservation and development and the other covering methods for natural and social sciences.In 2014 students will be choosing from 10 elective courses to build their conceptual understanding in a range of disciplines.