Doctoral research sans boundaries

The ATREE- NORAGRIC collaboration is part of a three-year academic and research partnership between ATREE and NORAGRIC faculty. It envisions a rich exchange programme between faculty that would futrher joint research and help develop interdisciplinary courses for ATREE’s Ph D programme in Conservation Science. Currently six Ph D students at ATREE are getting NORAGRIC fellowships.

Underscoring the need of ‘interdisciplinary’ and ‘global action’ to combat climate change and fast depleting ecological wealth was the preceding month’s Fifth International Canopy Conference. For the first time, canopy scientists tried to put a value to the most taken-for-granted of ecological functions like food security, hydrological services, the cleansing effect of forest on atmosphere etc. and discussed a perspective without boundaries. The conference, organized by ATREE, ended with a capacity building workshop for Ph D students in end October.