DNA Club monitors bar-headed geese

Kaggalipura Lake in the Tirumakudalu Narasipura taluk is one of the few places in Karnataka where bar-headed geese visit.
This lake is two kms from Government High School, Vyasarajapura where ATREE is Regional Resource Agency for Department of Biotechnology’s Nature Awareness Club – DNA Club. The DNA Club objectives of imparting hands-on learning using the local landscape as a field laboratory closely mirror ATREE’s own principles guiding conservation education. So the visiting bar-headed geese were quickly appropriated for a talk on pond ecosystems by ATREE’s Academy Coordinator for The Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies – Dr Aravind NA. Students prepared a map of the wetlands, with information on birds and vegetation around the lake and have prepared themselves to monitor this water body.

Meanwhile, Jaycees High School in Sringeri had a formal inaugural function on 8th Jan 2010 to join the Karnataka DNA Club chapter. This is the fourth rural school to become part of the DNA Club in the state. It will join the state level competitions to be held at Ankola later this month, where children will apply their learning from field visits, lab projects, lectures etc. in debates, scientific model creating, and competitions on theme-based scientific posters and community projects.