Community-based Conservation Centres

Community-based Conservation Centres (CCC), also called field academies, are a long-term investment to developing researcher-local community interfaces. ATREE envisioned the concept of CCCs to provide a two-way interface for local communities and local institutions to evolve practical strategies for sustainable governance and co-management of forests and other natural resources. The CCCs or field academies are integral to the reach, productivity and effectiveness of the ATREE Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies. These field facilities provide ATREE staff the needed field presence to generate rigorous ground-based knowledge relevant to addressing local problems. They serve as field research stations, besides providing various stakeholders physical space for networking and training.

ATREE has five such community-based conservation centres :

Male Mahadeshwara Hills Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple WLS Kanakpura
(Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve)
Vembanad Community Environmental Resource Centre Darjeeling

Natham- ATREE Community based Conservation Centre now managed by site partner CCD.