Monitoring biodiversity changes

Initiate a programme to monitor biodiversity changes as a result of social and economic interventions

The diverse options for income generation have successfully generated awareness in communities about the importance of conserving bioresources to conserve their ecosystems and its services. After a basic training, the communities at the three sites are now involved in biodiversity monitoring in their surrounding reserved forests.

Communities near Senchel Wildlife Sanctuary and Neora Valley National Park are carrying out activities such as gap plantations in the reserved forests, in collaboration with the Forest Department. The consumption of fuelwood – one of the primary forest resource being extracted – has significantly decreased, from 1440 kg to 160 kg per day in the village of Upper Chattakpur near SWS. Communities have begun to realize the importance of indigenous crops and are now involved in initiating seed banks at a household level, to conserve the rapidly decreasing number of local crop species.

ATREE also undertook a survey of the impact of climate change on local livelihoods through participatory rural appraisal.