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Snakes always instill a sense of fear in humans. This fear drives us to kill snakes spotted in the backyard or in the neighbourhood. ‘This is basically due to lack of awareness,’ says Abhisheka K, Research Associate at ATREE, who along with Aravind N. A. and T. Ganesh has taken the initiative to create awareness among children about the most commonly encountered snakes in Karnataka. Abhisheka feels that being able to identify snakes and knowing more about them will help children not to harm snakes, and in fact assist in rescuing the snakes. The team has prepared a pictorial snake poster with text in Kannada as well as in English. Both photographs and nature illustration has been combined in this poster to draw the attention of children

This snake poster has pictures of the most commonly found snakes in rural and urban Karnataka. The snake characteristics - diet, active period and venom chart are also depicted pictorially. So the Indian Spectacled Cobra is shown to feed on rodents, frogs, lizards, birds and other snakes; active during the day as well as at night; and sports the ‘venomous’ symbol. The habitat against which the snake is depicted is the habitat in which it is usually found.

DNA Club, to which this initiative belongs, is a GoI programme, started by the Department of Biotechnology's Nature Awareness Club. ATREE is a resource partner for this conservation education programme.. Members of the DNA club have started identifying snakes and DNA club members of Jaycee school Ankola have managed to rescue snakes in their school campus with the help of the coordinator

The snake poster was officially released on 25th February 2011 during DNA club's Biodiversity festival conducted at Aversa, Ankola Taluk by Dr. U.G. Naik, P.G. Centre of Marine Biology, Karwar

This poster has been distributed free of cost to schools in rural areas, while schools in urban areas have to pay Rs 100 for the poster. To avail a copy, write to:

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