Saving biodiversity, securing earth’s future

The National Biodiversity Mission can help mend the dysfunctional relationship between humanity and nature

Environment Day: What ‘Monkey Fever’ Teaches Us About Multidisciplinary Approach to Tackling Zoonotic Diseases

While the immediate focus is on controlling the spread of the virus, there is also an equally urgent need to understand the factors leading to the emergence of such pandemics. Because the next deadly outbreak may be away by a century or just a few months-we have no clue so far!

This land is our land: The Soliga community struggles to save its old ways of living while adapting to modernity

The inability to perform shifting agriculture and live close to the canopy of the forest has affected the Soligas' livelihoods, their kitchens, as well as the forest itself.

Wildlife in Thar Desert Threatened by Free-ranging Dogs, India Lacks Clear Policy Solution

A 2021 report by the Wildlife Institute of India pointed to a declining population trend for chinkaras in the Thar landscape while noting that there is a rapid increase in numbers and occupancy of free-ranging dogs

Two new ant species found in Mizoram

The discovery marks the first record of the Myrmecina genus from the state, the researchers say.

Two new ant species found in eastern Himalayas

Zoologists from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) in Bangalore, India have discovered two new species of small-colony-forming ants in the hilly forests of Mizoram.

Two new ant species found in Mizoram

One of the two new species has been named Myrmecina bawai after professor Kamaljit S Bawa, a renowned evolutionary ecologist and conservation biologist

Common, yet threatened: The case of northeast India’s Malayan giant squirrels

A dearth in scientific research – including basic data such as population status – means that targeted conservation action for the Malayan giant squirrel is also lacking.

New species of racer snake found in Tamil Nadu named after herpetologist Naveen Joseph

A group of researchers has discovered a new species of racer snake from Tamil Nadu and made a major taxonomic amendment for two widely distributed Indian snake species and the new species is named after late herpetologist Naveen Joseph.

A new species of snake from Tamil Nadu and an old naming confusion from London

An international team of researchers has discovered a new species of racer snake from Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu and also solved a naming confusion that existed for nearly two centuries.