Two new ant species discovered in the Himalayas

Two new species of ants — belonging to a rare ant genus +Myrmecin+ from the Eastern Himalayas — have been discovered in a study recently conducted as part of a research project on “Bioresource and Sustainable livelihoods in North East India, supported by Department of Biotechnology, (Government of India).

Are we overlooking the role of grasslands in mitigating climate change?

Forest restoration is more well-known than grassland restoration, even though grasslands, just like forests, are important carbon sinks and crucial for carbon sequestration.

Two New Species of Small-Colony-Forming Ants Discovered in Mizoram Forests for First Time

Two new species of small-colony-forming ants have been discovered in the forests of Mizoram for the first time. The new species of the ant genus Myrmecina Curtis were discovered by a team of researchers from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bengaluru.

Active tribal community participation facilitates the vaccination process in Karnataka’s Chamarajanagar

In a welcome move, the tribal communities in Chamarajanagar district in Karnataka along with the district administration, non profits, researchers and citizen volunteers take the COVID19 vaccination drive forward. Of the 15,648 eligible-for-vaccine tribal inhabitants, 3,158 have been inoculated.

Of Insect discovery and starry names

Ranjit A P, an entomologist has discovered 40 new insect species and is naming them after celebrities.

ATREE Researchers discovered Two New ant species in Mizoram

When the team had started this study, 57 species of ants were known from Mizoram and with the discovery of these two new species, the team claims that they are adding another 20 more species to the ant fauna of Mizoram.

Scientists try to unscramble reason behind elephant herd’s 500km marathon trek

A herd of over 15 Asian elephants in China are undertaking a 500km marathon trek away from their natural habitat, scientists scramble to solve the mystery – why and where are these Asian elephants going?

Two newspecies of ants discovered in Mizoram

The three-member scientist team including senior fellow Dr Priyadarshanan Dharma Rajan, Aswaj Punnath and Anoop Karunakaran of ATREE conducted the study as part of a research on bio-resource and sustainable livelihoods in North East India.

Two New Rare Ant Species Found in Mizoram

Two new species of a rare ant genus, Myrmecina, have been discovered in Mizoram, with this the discovery marks the first known presence of the genus in Mizoram, the number of Myrmecina species in India goes up to seven.

The Sustainable Ocean

The Draft National Fisheries Policy (2020) advocates training small-scale fishers in “modern” fleet for deep-sea fishing of high-value species. It defines fisheries to serve commercial interests. This is a big concern for artisanal fishers.