With farm laws as inspiration, environment ministry takes an axe to the forest Act

Documents show that the ideas that serve as a basis for the drafting process have little to do with forest protection, focusing instead on ease of doing business. A sure-fire recipe for controversy.

Where forest is God: Lessons in conservation from Western Ghats tribes

The ability of the Solega to adapt their own activities to mitigate conflict with wild animals make them ideal partners for conservationists in the fight to preserve local biodiversity, and protect endangered species.

Another battle looms as environmentalists fight to protect the Nilgiris

Activists are against the Tamil Nadu government’s proposal to construct a hydroelectric project in Kundah taluk.

Mapping Tamil Nadu’s grasslands to protect them and know their role in carbon storage

The grasslands in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts are being converted into agricultural land, real estate, and tree plantations.

Part 1: How do we make a dent in rural water security?

That’s the burning question CSEI’s Food Futures Initiative is working on.

Caterpillar Slug: A new invasive species is on its way to attack India; here’s how to save yourself

Invasive species have cost nearly $1,3 trillion dollars to the global economy since 1970.

Meet the caterpillar slug, a potential future invader to India

Invasive species have cost nearly $1,3 trillion dollars to the global economy since 1970.

Wildlife Trade Is ‘Key Risk Factor’ Behind Global Spread Of Disease, Study Finds

"Researchers found that one-quarter of mammal species in the wildlife trade host 75 percent of the known zoonotic viruses. Compared to domesticated and non-traded species, commonly traded mammals had a ‘much higher’ risk of transmission.

Environmental activism in the Nilgiris: too early to rejoice?

Over the past two decades, Nilgiris has emerged as a centre for environmental action with cases related to pollution, encroachment of forests or unique local ecology.

A Stray Problem

Misguided compassion towards street dogs often leads to major human-dog conflict and worsens the problem. Every action of individuals or animal welfare organisations must be carefully thought through, ensuring the welfare of both people and animals.