Urban expansion and hydrology

How do cities and their overexpansion affect the hydrological systems?

Certificate Course in Conservation Science

ATREE's Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies conducted a certificate course in Conservation Science for young professionals, senior graduate and post‐graduate students betwee

Why is the Arkavathy drying?

While the decline in the inflows to the TG Halli reservoir is attributed to decreasing rainfall or blockages in the river channels, a new study suggests reasons may lie elsewhere

Ecological trap for Ganges River Dolphin

The Karnali River in Nepal is home to the endangered Ganges River Dolphin.

MUST WATCH: River or Sewer: The Story of Vrishabhavathy River

MUST WATCH: River or Sewer: The Story of Vrishabhavathy River

ATREE Young Researchers Network

Here is an assortment of articles authored by ATREE’s multi-talented pool of young researchers where they talk the various facets of their vibrant work-life

Democratizing Forest Governance in India

Forests are by their very nature a complex socio-ecological entity. The forest sector in India is currently going through an unprecedented churning.

Grassland/ wasteland: the politics of nomenclature

When grasslands are dubbed 'wasteland', they tend to get put to more 'productive' use through the agency of stakeholders in development and urbanization.

Cities, climate and water

What are the challenges already confronting the water sector in rapidly urbanizing watersheds in developing countries?

Wild edible plants as a link between habitat, need and culture

ATREE has been chronicling the use of wild edible plant species in the MM Hills region since 2009.