Uttarakhand floods highlight the need to factor in the environment while planning development

In complex interactions between climate change processes, and natural climate variability with geology and human activities, attribution to any one factor can be difficult.

Understanding the Alarm Around Asian Giant Hornets in the US

Asian giant hornets, known infamously as “murder hornets” are not nearly as murderous as they’re often made out to be.

Nepal forests offer new clues to unlock carbon potential

According to Jagadish Krishnaswamy, there are ways to incorporate size variety even when dealing with new plantations. Instead of selecting a clear piece of land, he suggested, planners could enrich a degraded forest, planting around existing trees. “You could identify sites [that have been cleared for plantation] but still may have a few large trees somewhere, and maybe the rest of it can be enriched or restored”

Genomics offer clues to how forest trees responded to the last Ice Age

Genomic datasets will directly contribute to designing future in situ conservation networks and help prioritise populations to archive ex-situ, especially for endemic species and the ones with low population size, it will be possible to identify a population/ individuals with high adaptation potential

Once a source of drinking water, Bengaluru river now filled with froth, stench

“In terms of volume, domestic sewage contributes to the bulk of the pollution. Most households in Bengaluru don’t connect their sewage to the lines provided by the civic authorities. These (sewage) lines are meant to take the domestic affluents to a treatment centre. But the people connect their sewage to stormwater drains, which eventually take it to the river,” said Dr Sharachchandra Lele

Rohini Nilekani pledges Rs 50 crore to Bengaluru-based environmental think tank

"Now more than ever, we require institutions that serve as an important bridge between academics, civil society and policymakers, bringing insights from long term research and data to support relev

Rohini Nilekani pledges ₹50 cr to ATREE

These additional resources will allow ATREE to consolidate and expand our programs to meet our growing environmental challenges such as the loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, and climate change.

Rohini Nilekani pledges Rs 50 crore to environmental think tank ATREE

The gift is a testament to the importance and urgency of ATREE’s work in the face of our multiplying ecological challenges.

Rohini Nilekani pledges Rs50 crore to environmental think tank ATREE

Philanthropist Rohini Nilekani has pledged Rs50 crore ($6.8 million) to ATREE, an environmental think tank based in Bengaluru.

A ₹50 Crore Grant to ATREE, the Environmental Think Tank by Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani, noted philanthropist and author, pledged INR 50 Crores (USD 6.8 Million) to ATREE.