The Strange Story of the Avenger Monkeys of Beed and the Pups They Killed

It is possible that these langurs and puppies have access to the same food resources, which may have led to the initiation of interactions and subsequent competition.

Agents Of Shield: Meet Women Ecologists Working To Better Our World

The Kottigehara dancing frog lives in permanent, primary streams in the Western Ghats. Pollution, dams and the clearing of forest land for use by humans is endangering the species. Mudke’s research attempts to understand its habitat requirements, to in turn help conserve its habitats. Each species thus saved plays a larger role in beginning to alleviate the biodiversity crisis.

The untold riverside stories

Replete with photographs from contributors, ‘Trails of Tamirabharani’ has borne out of people with a strong connect to the river and landscape. “Tamirabharani evokes an emotion that binds people. Meandering its way through the lush green paddy fields of Ambasamudram to the marshy Punnaikaayal near Thoothukudi where the river meets the sea, Tamirabharani drains out a thousand untold stories. Every monsoon heralds a new hope for the land and its people, and the river continues its journey carrying along memories etched in time,” Mr. Vishnu says.

Online festival celebrates fascinating world of ants

ATREE has organised festival in collaboration with the Travancore Natural History Society from Kerala. In our race to save the tigers, the lions and the bigger wildlife, we barely talk about ants. Are their numbers declining?

Solving multiple challenges while considering biodiversity and human rights

Protection, restoration and better management of ecosystems through Nature-based Solutions (NbS) feature in many national commitments, including India’s, but there is scope for much more in climate change mitigation and adaptation, say authors of a new report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Making a mockery of environment impact assessment

The committee noted that “no formal procedures exist to learn from the comments” of expert appraisal committees. Yet the company’s accreditation has been renewed over the years on the ground that it scored at least 60% on the overall assessment.

Reforestation efforts provide hope, but more work needed on supportive policy and community involvement

Vast tracts of forests and green cover have, over the past few decades, given way to concrete jungles, with increasing urbanisation in India. Despite many initiatives, environmental experts say India still has a long way to go, when it concerns reforestation. Sharachchandra Lele is of the opinion that even though there are lots of ‘afforestation programmes’ in India, but the content (which species, i.e., single, exotic or mixed, local) and effectiveness of these programmes remains unknown.

28-YO Turned 30,000 Kg Waste Cloth Into Usable Products & Helped 40 Women Earn

Sanju joined the Ashoka Trust for research in ecology and the environment (ATREE) and led the Habitat learning project in 2016. There he trained teachers and students of government schools near the Vembanad Lake in Kerala for a period of two years. Vembanad Lake in the Alappuzha district is the second largest Ramsar wetland site in India and also one of the most diverse and flood vulnerable regions in the State.

Jaltol, an open-source digital tool to ensure water security in rural India

The Jaltol plugin by ATREE's CSEI provides remote sensing data — rainfall, evapotranspiration, soil moisture, changes in surface water/groundwater storage, land use/land cover — together on one platform. It is claimed to be available in an easy-to-use format, to help estimate the water balance.
See how #Jaltol works:

Scientists discover snail species in Meghalaya cave

"However, at present, we don't know whether our species is a true cave species. Further extensive surveys may reveal more interesting facts about natural history, its true distributional patterns, and so on." According to ATREE, a Bengaluru-based research institution on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, the micro snail species was discovered 170 years after the last such discovery was made.