ATREE ranks 19th among environment think tanks in the world

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) is among the top 30 environmental think tanks in the world, according to the yearly Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program survey carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, USA. By definition, a think tank is a body that undertakes intensive research and plays an advocacy role to provide solutions to complex problems.

ATREE ranks 19th in the category: Top Think Tanks by Area of Research/ Environment.This Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) ranking is based on inputs from expert panelists from across the world, journalists with expertise in politics, civil society and think tanks, former and current directors of think tank programs and networks, besides donors, think tank members, academicians and intergovernmental organisations.TTCSP received more than 250000 nominations, of which they selected 202 institutions across four major categories: Top think tanks in the world; by region; by research area; and top think tanks by special achievement.


ATREE is a 16-year old research organization that addresses issues related to the steady deterioration of India’s environment, and the challenges that arise from interactions between society, nature and development.

ATREE’s work is geared towards producing useful knowledge that could result in benefits to society through linking policy and action to sound scientific knowledge. Examples of current ATREE work with potential impacts on policy decisions include surveys on implementation of the Forest Rights Act in India, invasive species management, ecological impacts of minor forest produce harvesting, water resources distribution and management, land use policies and their implications, discussions on REDD+ at national and international fora, among others. In August 2012, ATREE will also play host to the Society for Conservation Biology Conference for the Asian region that will draw experts from Asia and the rest of the world to deliberate on issues pertaining to society, governance and policy. ATREE expects to address issues arising at the Convention on Biodiversity, Conference of Parties due to be held in New Delhi in October at this conference.

Part of ATREE’s success in creating impact has been its conscious attempt to move away from piecemeal disciplinary solutions to look at issues more creatively and holistically using knowledge from various disciplines, and in a manner that addresses diverse stakeholder concerns.

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