Non-Timber Forest Products Conservation, Management and Policy in the Tropics.

Uma Shaanker, R., Ankila J. Hiremath, Gladwin Joseph and Nitin D Rai. 2009. (Eds).

About the book
Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) are the mainstay of scores of economically poor communities in the tropics. Efforts to address the sustainable use of NTFP would not only contribute to the conservation of these resources but also sustain livelihoods of communities. This book offers a collection of articles dealing primarily with the issues of conservation, management and policy related to the use of NTFP in the Asian tropical region. The book contains well researched and comprehensive reviews, case studies, and status reports of NTFP species and draws attention to their conservation and management needs. The book would also be useful to scientists, forest managers and policy makers.