ATREE’s public and internal talk series

Talks@ATREE are a weekly public talk series by researchers.They offer theoretical aspects of original empirical work, current debate on an issue, policy or action-linked discourse. The talks provide a platform for interesting discussions and exchange of ideas, given the diverse backgrounds of speakers, and the diverse disciplinary engagements of the ATREE audience.They usually feature completed work with a coherent account of the research questions and their findings.

The internal talks provide space for students and researchers to present ongoing work or work that is in the planning stage. This has been useful for the audience as well as the speaker as it provides the students and research associates a platform to present their work and obtain critical feedback from peers and faculty at a stage when these can be incorporated into the research design, improves their public-speaking skills, and helps students and research associates widen their peer networks for further collaboration and exchange of ideas.

In both, the public talk series and the internal talks, the attempt is to present topics that would be of interest to an audience with interdisciplinary engagements on environmental and social issues.

Another talk series initiated by students has been the 'Around the field in fifteen minute' talks, which feature anecdotes, images, and insights from the field. These informal talks have helped research and non-research staff obtain an idea of the kind of work being accomplished across different landscapes, and of the peculiarities of field research.

The Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies advertises the Talks@ATREE through email. To be included on the Talks@ATREE emails, please write to with 'Request Talks Info' in subject line.